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About Pain Control

It is amazing how something as small as a tooth can cause so much grief! If you have pain in a tooth, gum or facial swelling or other pain in your mouth please let our friendly receptionist know at the time of booking and we will endeavour to fit you in as soon as possible.

At your appointment you will be asked about the history of the pain before your dentist conducts an examination. At least one x-ray will normally be required to assist with diagnosing the cause of the pain. Your dentist will then discuss the treatment options with you and once a decision is made, local anaesthetic is often given to maximise your comfort during treatment. However, if the pain is due to a large infection, occasionally we may prescribe medication for several days to reduce this infection prior to treatment.

At the end of the appointment your dentist may give you instructions to help the area heal or to protect freshly completed work – it is very important that you follow these to maximise the success of treatment.