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Check Ups

At Spearwood Dental Centre will check the health of your mouth, complete with x-rays, and discuss with you your treatment aims and needs. We will then provide you with a written estimate of treatment costs for your future appointments.

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Scale and Clean

A scale and clean removes the calculus, also known as tartar or hardened plaque, and staining from the surface of your teeth. As calculus can lead to gum disease and make your teeth appear darker we generally recommend a scale and clean along with your checkup twice a year.

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Whilst we would prefer to keep every tooth in your mouth, sometimes a tooth is just too infected or broken down to fix. In this situation we recommend an extraction to relieve you of any pain and allow for the healing of any infection. In some cases we can organise for an immediate temporary replacement for the tooth so that you don’t have a gap in your smile.

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Root Canal Treatment

A root canal treatment may be required if bacteria has reached the pulp (nerve tissue) of your tooth and caused pain or infection. The bacteria can reach the pulp via decay, a crack or a leaking filling. This involved cleaning out the inflamed or infected material over a few appointments, and placing a filling into the roots of the teeth. A crown may be required after this to protect the tooth from fracture.

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Preventative Treatment

Fluoride may be applied to your teeth to help reduce the sensitivity of your teeth, or to increase the resistance of your teeth to decay. Fissure seals are placed in teeth with deep grooves, and both help reduce the rate of decay in these areas and make it easier for you to keep these teeth clean.

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Fillings are often placed when there has been decay or a break in a tooth – the decay is removed and the resulting “hole” filled with a white filling material. Very occasionally a silver amalgam filling will be the best treatment option, and if so we will let you know of this prior to treatment.

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Who doesn’t want a bright smile?? Tooth whitening can be completed gently and effectively with our in-office whitening or a take-home whitening trays option. You will need a check-up, x-rays and a clean prior to commencing treatment to ensure your mouth is healthy and that whitening will be an effective treatment for you.

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Invisalign are clear orthodontic aligners aimed to gently move the teeth into a more desirable alignment.

At your consultation, you can discuss your concerns and goals with your dentist. They will take clinical photographs along with moulds of your teeth. This information will be used for your customised Treatment Plan using Invisalign’s proprietary ClinCheck software.

The dentist will then discuss the ClinCheck treatment plan with you to ensure the planned outcome is in line with your desired outcome. Once this has been determined, your custom clear aligners will be manufactured.

The cost of Invisialign is determined by the complexity of the case and length of treatment. All involved costs will be given as a written estimate prior to commencing treatment.

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Crown & Bridge

A crown is a porcelain or metal “cap” which sits over the top of your tooth. It acts to prevent the tooth from fracture especially when a tooth has a large filling, worrying crack lines or a history of breaking. A bridge is a fixed (non-removable) porcelain replacement of a missing tooth which is attached to the teeth either side of the gap.

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Implants are the gold standard in replacing missing teeth, and comprise of a titanium post placed into the jaw bone with a crown later placed on top, to give the appearance and function of a tooth. They may also be used to increase the stability of dentures, or as a base for a long span bridge (tooth replacement). They have a very high long term success rate if well cared for.

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We take impressions for custom-made, dual laminate mouthguards to protect your teeth whilst playing sports which involve contact. We have a wide range of colours to choose from too!

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Whether your old dentures need replacement, or you are looking for a way to quickly replace a number of missing teeth, we can take care of your denture needs. Dentures can assist with the appearance of your mouth and increase your ability to eat and chew. Please note that dentures are removable and need to be taken out at night.

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A splint is a hard protective mouthguard worn at night which can reduce jaw pain caused by clenching or grinding. It also protects your teeth from damage if you are clenching or grinding your teeth at night. A splint may be recommended if you have undergone complex treatment to protect and increase the success of the dental treatment.

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